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TED Talks every gamer should watch

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m looking forward to a week off, filled with playing Diablo, watching Avengers and crunching some long-overdue game design projects that have piled up. But that all starts tomorrow. Today, I’m feeding my brain a healthy dose of intellectual stimuli in short form with a selection of TED talks old and […]

Of cultures, sensitivities & fire

Over the past few weeks I’ve been witnessing a heated debate about appropriation and racism in game design happening over at the Story Games forum, sparked by some of the entries in this year’s Game Chef competition. Sadly, my game, Lies of Passage, was one of the games that acted as the sparks here. This […]

Game Chef Therapy

I have this thing for starting projects & then abandoning them half-way through the design or writing process. In short, I have a problem with getting stuff done.