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Review: One Last Night

One Last Night by Abram Bussiere is not a game I expected to find in Game Chef. It’s a drinking game. Unlike most drinking games, the object of One Last Night is not to make participants share and/or do embarrassing things. Instead it has players compile a pre-apocalyptic wish list – things to do before […]

Review: Coyote Won’t Talk

Coyote Won’t Talk, written by Morgan Stinson for Game Chef 2012, is a rather serious game, as far as what’s at stake – judging humanity’s faults and triumphs. Four great animal spirits reflect on humanity, as the world ends around them: the Fox, the Dog, the Wolf and the Coyote (who doesn’t talk… mostly).

Review: The Game in Last Appearances #4

This game got to me. It’s the worst practical joke you can play on a geek. Reading through the introduction left me thinking “Wait, what?!” – you’ll know what I mean when you read it. The Game in Last Appearances #4 by Paul Czege is set in the DC Universe. It has the players tell […]

Review: Tears in Rain

As part of my participation in Game Chef I am to review four games submitted by other contestants. One of these is Tears in Rain by Alex Mayo, a game of past regrets and mistakes. In this game you play a man slowly dying in his sleep, enveloped in the freezing cold of a damaged […]